Why Alpaca Fiber

Alpaca fiber is one of the most incredible natural fibers known. Textiles made from it are some of the finest garments available. But what specifically makes it so great?

Fine Hand

An extremely low scale relief, comparable to, and in the case of Suri, lower than cashmere adds to alpaca’s soft hand and comfortable wear.


The warmest garments available to luxury consumers today are made from alpaca. Besides being warm in winter, alpaca is cool in summer.


The tremendously light and airy feeling of alpaca makes its incredible thermic qualities unbelievable. Designers are free to employ fancy stitches such as cable knit with no fear of heaviness.


Alpaca fiber occurs naturally in at least twenty-two natural colors with white dyeable to any color. This makes natural alpaca a perfect ready-made candidate for eco-lines of yarn, textiles and garments. Little static This allows manufacturing to go smoother and clothes to drape with less cling.

Alpaca can be used in such garments as infant pajamas, which benefit from flame retardant qualities. When tested with an open flame, alpaca will not burn.

Less lanolin
Less lanolin means shorter scouring cycles with the opportunity to use eco-friendly soaps in manufacturing. Alpaca fiber must still be scoured to remove dirt, but doing so is easier than sheep’s wool.

Alpaca felts readily and can be used for both practical projects like air-plane panel sound-deadeners and for artistic pursuits. Many contemporary artists use alpaca fiber in textile art.

Alpaca has one of the highest resistance factors of all-natural fibers, which is ideal for practical items that must endure hard use. Super baby alpaca is just as soft as cashmere but has much more tensile strength. A human hair’s resilience is rated at 100, wool is 122.8 and mohair is 136. Alpaca, however, is rated at 358.5.

Wrinkle resistant
Allows garments to drape beautifully and wear neatly all day.

Alpaca pairs wonderfully with both natural and synthetic fibers, thus multiplying its usefulness in the textile world almost infinitely.

Alpaca fiber is poised to become one of the most popular natural fibers on earth.

-source alpacaculture.com