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Mural Hopping

I love murals. I find them so far out of the realm of something I could create that I find myself in awe of their beauty and their scale and their planning and execution and the flat out skill needed to create one. Murals are popping up all over Charlotte and the surrounding areas and their images are covering social media. My 13-year old son didn't seem to be eager to jump in the car and go mural hopping with just mom so when my teenage nieces were in town I threw them all in the car and we went exploring. Camp North End is a must for mural lovers. Nothing was open there when we went, but the murals are always...

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Summer: Alpaca fibers' most impressive season

It’s probably not hard for you to imagine that I live in alpaca clothing throughout fall and winter. As far as natural fibers rank, alpaca it at the top in many characteristics including its fineness, breath-ability, warmth and drape not to mention the sustainable and eco-friendly properties that are important to me. What you may not realize is that it’s during the summer that I am most amazed by alpaca fiber.

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The Re-frame

The question we get asked the most when people come to visit our farm is always some version of, "What made you decide to raise alpacas?" It seems like it would be a simple question to answer, but the truth is that it is a bit of a longer story. 

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