Garment Care Instructions

Take care of your new alpaca items so it lasts a lifetime.

Please defer to any care instructions inside of your garment if it is available. Otherwise, here are our suggestions.

Throw blankets: Dry clean only as needed.

Women's sweaters and ponchos: Dry clean only as needed if soiled. If you are simply trying to remove an odor from something like eating at restaurant or sitting next to a camp fire, consider first placing your garment in an area that it can air-out for 24-48 hours. If you have a screened porch or a place that it can get fresh air where the garment is protected from weather, your item will rid of the smell and be ready to wear.

Socks: Socks are typically wash cold dry on LOW. We also recommend to wash cold and lay flat to dry.

Gloves & Hats: We recommend to hand wash cold gently and lay flat to dry. Follow any airing out instruction noted in Women's sweaters.

Brushed Scarves: Dry clean only.

T-shirts, Tank Tops, Sweatshirts: Per instructions on the label.